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6 Killer Apps of Prosperity


Pitfalls of International Marketing Campaigns

The Science of Motivation

Lear Center Interview Tips

MSU globalEDGE

Provided by MSU, this is an amazing resource for students and professionals looking to gain insight into the continuously evolving global marketplace. Besides giving you insights segemented by country, state, industry or trade bloc globalEDGE also hosts interesting online course modules. (Link Below)

Free Online Course Modules

Topics Include Culture, Market Research and Micro-finance among others.






DataMonitor 360

Great database for those interested in assessing the SWOT of a company you are researching or interviewing with. Also has information on specific industries.  As MSU students we are very privileged to have free access to this website which can charge companies into the tens of thousands of dollars for access. That gives you a hint of just how useful this site can be. After clicking the link, go to the bottom of page and hit connect for access.






TED Talks

Ideas Worth Spreading.










MSU Lear Career Services Center

The Lear Corporation Career Services Center is dedicated to providing undergraduate students (all majors on campus) with highly individualized, progressive career planning and development strategies, while connecting them with employers and alumni for career opportunities in business.











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