Still looking for something to do this summer? The MSU International Business Center is hiring an International Market Researcher for the summer and fall! Minimum of 10 hours per week and $11.50+ per hour! This is a great opportunity to do market research and reports for Michigan companies interested in expanding overseas. Send your resumes to Jade Sims ( and Erkan Kocas (!



sage corp



Sage Corps Mission: Give global education an entrepreneurial facelift. Why? Because showing future employers (and yourself) that you stepped outside your comfort zone and helped build a startup for 8-12 weeks in another country is beyond impressive – it’s your ticket into your future dream job. Whether you’re majoring in International Studies, Philosophy, Business, Computer Science, Engineering (or all of the above) – the Sage Corps Undergrad Program will give your resume an “entrepreneurial edge” that shows you are self-motivated, innovative and ready to take on any challenge.

We send college students from all majors to intern abroad in the following locations:
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Dublin, Ireland
Hong Kong
London, United Kingdom
Paris, France
Santiago, Chile
Sydney, Australia
Learn more about Sage Corps here:
Sample Country itineraries here:


City Internships runs immersive career training programs for college students and recent graduates. They’re designed to expand participants’ horizons and get them job-ready. For each program, on top of hard and soft skill building at weekly career seminars, workshops and networking events, participants undertake an internship placement at one of our partner companies. Students and graduates develop real-world skills, build their professional network and fast-track their

Placements are available in banking and financial services, art, fashion and design, marketing, advertising and PR, consulting and professional services, entertainment, media and journalism, law and politics and lastly, technology and engineering.

Places are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. Interested students are advised to apply ASAP to secure a spot. Please read more about the program on our home page:

What’s included:

  • An eight week placement with a leading company
  • Career seminars, skills workshops & networking events
  • Social events & weekend excursions
  • Local mentorship & 24/7 support
  • Optional accommodation package

What participants achieve:

Real-world experience

  • We offer an internship in students’ chosen industry that makes their resume glow and will have hiring companies lining up to meet them.

Broadened horizons

  • Students make lasting international friendships, see what it means to travel and experience life in a new city.

Professional network

  • Students meet like-minded go-getters and leading industry experts at exclusive networking events; invaluable connections to kick-start their career.

Improved skillset

  • We offer the opportunity for students to convert their theoretical knowledge into workplace dexterity with a slice of professional life and career-enhancing weekly seminars.

Career readiness

  • Students realize their career direction and earn the hard and soft skills that the world’s leading companies notice.

Please apply via:

Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 12.44.53 PMYourMoji, a Silicon Valley-based, venture backed startup, is looking for students who are interested in getting firsthand startup marketing experience. YourMoji allows users to create personalized emojis. The app also allows users, organizations, and communities to have their own custom categories filled with emojis and gifs that can be shared with whomever the group wants.

The position gives campus marketers free rein to come up with creative ways to help market YourMoji to different organizations and communities around your campus. Candidates should expect to gain a lot of guerilla marketing, advertising, public relations and business development experience working with us.

The job as Campus Marketer is to:
– Get others to download the mobile application
– Sign up communities and organizations around your campus to create content for distribution to fans and members of those groups

What Campus Marketers get:
– Great resume builder
– Marketing, lead generation, business development experience & strong letter of recommendation
– Performance based compensation (based on downloads)
– Potential monetary bonus(es) for signing up student groups and communities around campus
– Flexible and remote job, reps don’t have set hours per week

While this is a paid opportunity, we are seeking candidates who have a strong desire to learn how a fledgling company grows its business.

Please email us at if you are interested or have any questions. To learn more about the YourMoji app, visit our website or you can get the app in the Apple App store: Download iOS or the Google Play store: Download Android


IGNITE Program

Harley davidson

Harley-Davidson has reached out to IBO looking for talented interns for the summer 2014. Below is a description of the IGNITE program. Any IBO members interested in this internship opportunity should apply at:

IGNITE Talent Community:

General H-D Talent Community:

“Harley-Davidson?s IGNITE Program develops talent through internships, co-ops and full-time rotational development programs. Being part of IGNITE provides a participant with rich functional experiences in one of the following areas: Human Resources, Finance, Sales, Engineering or Materials. In addition, associates gain personal leadership skills, project management experience and the confidence needed to be successful at Harley-Davidson. Participants take part in networking and development opportunities during their assignment(s) and have exposure to Harley-Davidson leadership through their work.As part of a full-time rotational development program, associates participate in various functional rotations over three to four years. These rotations, coupled with development activities, ensure associates receive a holistic, cross-functional experience.Interns through IGNITE will participate in a 10-12-week summer program designed to expose students to functional areas of Harley-Davidson related to their field of study. Similarly, co-op students typically will be on a full-time assignment during the school semester and/or summer. Full-time rotational development participants will participate in a series of functional rotations focused on technical/functional learning, personal development and growth.By identifying qualified participants and developing a comprehensive program, we?re building a workforce dedicated to fulfilling dreams of personal freedom long into the future.”

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